The Pure North Community

From a community perspective, people have shown great interest in the development of the orchard, the cider house and providing apples from their gardens to be pressed into apple juice.

Community involvement and celebrations will take place throughout the year. The wassail which was hosted by Pure North was a great example of the community coming together. Read more about the wassail here.

Pure North Cider has received great support from local pubs and retailers who have been proactive in embracing and promoting a local product. The community have also been fantastic in their support for our green initiatives at the farm such as our wind turbine and water source heat pump.

In the future, we would like to introduce orchard tours for local school children or children’s clubs to aid the education of environmental initiatives, and to demonstrate the work currently being done by Pure North to remain environmentally aware. If this is something you are interested in please contact us to discuss further opportunities.

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